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8 Japanese dishes you’ve probably never heard of

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( CNN ) When it comes to Japanese food, we all know the basics. Sushi. Ramen. Curry. Gyoza . But then there are all those regional variations and specialties unique to each prefecture, many of which have yet to make their mark on global menus . Tohoku, the northernmost region... more

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7 Tips To Make Cooking For One, A Lot Less Depressing

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Does any of this sound familiar? After a long day at work, you stand on your feet in the kitchen for 40 minutes or more building some unsavory food that takes simply five minutes to choke down. Now you’re left with a sink full of dirty dishes, and “you’re feeling”... more

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6 Amazing Cooking Tricks

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These cooking “tricks” will truly amaze you. I wish I had known these when I first started out cooking. Enjoy them and please leave a comment.   Smart Pressure Cooking: 25 Greatest Instant Pot Recipes To Make The Nourishing, Home Food You love 3dRose mug_179767_2 Best Chef Ever Text Gifts... more

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How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills With Gordon Ramsay

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Everyone knows that Gordan Ramsay can get down in the kitchen. Well you may not be able to cook like Gordan, but you can learn some of his tricks. Check out these five great tips to make cooking in your kitchen easier and more efficient. Learn to cook 3: Tips... more

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Functional Food Friday: Cookware Essentials

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Germany’s Stoneline Xtreme Series 8 Pieces Set Non-stick Non-Toxic Stone Coating Cookware – 2016 Top of the line model, better taste food Germany’s Stoneline Xtreme Series 11.2″ (28cm) Fry Pan with Non-stick Non-Toxic Stone Coating Cookware – 2016 Top of the line model, better taste food Rachael Ray Accessories 7-1/2-Inch... more

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Cookware : How to Clean Moldy Plastic Food Containers

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5 Blade Spiralizer – Best Vegetable Maker, Spiral Slicer, Peeler, and Shredder You’ll Ever Use! Makes Zucchini Noodles, Veggie Spaghetti, Pasta, and Cut Vegetables in Minutes. BlueFire Heat Resistant Cooking, Grilling, Welding Gloves -Great for BBQ Grill, Oven Mitts, Big Green Egg, Fireplace Accessories. Cut Resistant, Forearm Protection -100% Kevlar... more

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Some Genius Just Created Breakfast Tacos Out Of Pancakes And Bacon

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It’s no secret that I’m kind of preoccupied with tacos. After all, I did go on an all-out taco diet for a week straight-out back in the fall. Eating tacos every day was great and all, but during my experimental diet, I found one little drawback to feeing my beloved... more

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Spaghetti and grilled cheese are a match made in sandwich heaven

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Image: mashable composite: burntcrumbs/ scottafters/ instagram The spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich is capturing the hearts of carb devotees everywhere. The scrumptious sandwich was created by the head chef at Burnt Crumbs, a gourmet sandwich shop in Orange County, CA, and has stimulated its style to Instagram so as to induce... more

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Carob Is The Chocolate Alternative That Literally Makes You Look Younger

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I basically live on two foods: sweet potatoes and trail mix. But I refuse to eat trail mix without something sweet , commonly M& Ms. My co-worker, Brittany, who is way cooler than anyone I know, chooses to put carob chips in her trail mix. She’s next level like that.... more

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If Shopping At IKEA Doesn’t Ruin Your Day, Its New Black Hot Dog Will

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If the simple thought of going to IKEA for some cheap furniture and gross Swedish meatballs is enough to force you to wince, you might want to look away. It turns out that IKEA in Japan recently added a new snack to its menu and it’s absolutely terrifying, to say... more

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