August 3rd Is National Watermelon Day. These Are The 30 Recipes You Can’t Pass Up!

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    Watermelon is the fruit of the summer and anyone who disagrees is just flat-out wrong. Not only is watermelon the perfect healthy snack, but containing nearly 92 percent water, it’s the perfect way to keep hydrated on a warm day. On August 3rd we celebrate watermelon and all... more

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10 Grilling Tips For Summer

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These ten grilling tips will help you churn out fantastic grilled delights for any occasion! With grilling season being the favorite time of the year for many people, ESPECIALLY me, (I’m so “giddy” right now. Actually, I grill all year long. Rain, hail, sleet or snow) I thought I’d get... more

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215 Quick And Easy Meal Ideas

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If you’re ever in a hurry or maybe you just ran out of meal ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Mom, Dad, or College Student. Either way these quick and easy meal ideas will give you some ideas to get you going with your meal planning. I put together... more

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Honey Is Fall’s Sweetest Ingredient

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Not just for Pooh Bear anymore. Image: Flickr/ marina avila Honey is the hottest flavor on everybody’s lips. From Kourtney Kardashian’s “love potion”( 32 fells of honey in water) to the rooftop hives on seven San Francisco hotels that both provide eateries with fresh honey and bees with homes, the... more

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Nigel Slaters peppers recipes

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Its easy to construct peppers the centre of your supper. But the real star of the show is always their roast juices, says Nigel Slater I like peppers best “where theyre” deep red or orange, and roasted until their flesh is sweet. Even more when they are soft enough to... more

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14 essential Spanish dishes everyone should try

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( CNN ) It’s fair to say Spain was late to the table when it came to recognizing the global superpowers of food. While Italy and France have expended years in the limelight, Spain was biding its time . In recent years, however, people have come to celebrate the extraordinary... more

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Yotam Ottolenghis tomato recipes

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As autumn kickings in, fresh tomatoes can still give us one glorious final taste of summer Theres no fruit I associate more with summertime vacations than tomatoes: cherry tomatoes chopped and piled high on rusk biscuits in Crete; tomato and pomegranate salads in a kebab eatery outside Istanbuls spice bazaar;... more

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I’m a great Fan of Sushi Rice and a firm believer in not over cooking rice and wasting resources. Since you can’t have good sushi without the rice, I want to show you how to do it correctly with a sushi rice cooker. It will save you a lot of... more

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The Most Brilliant Way To Reheat Leftover French Fries

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As part of HuffPost’s “Reclaim” project, HuffPost Taste will focus the entire month of July on simple ways you can reduce food waste in your own home. alessiomari via Getty Images It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes we have leftover fries. They’re usually simply a sad reminder of what once... more

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8 Japanese dishes you’ve probably never heard of

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( CNN ) When it comes to Japanese food, we all know the basics. Sushi. Ramen. Curry. Gyoza . But then there are all those regional variations and specialties unique to each prefecture, many of which have yet to make their mark on global menus . Tohoku, the northernmost region... more

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