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August 3rd Is National Watermelon Day. These Are The 30 Recipes You Can’t Pass Up!

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    Watermelon is the fruit of the summer and anyone who disagrees is just flat-out wrong. Not only is watermelon the perfect healthy snack, but containing nearly 92 percent water, it’s the perfect way to keep hydrated on a warm day. On August 3rd we celebrate watermelon and all... more

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Yotam Ottolenghis tomato recipes

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As autumn kickings in, fresh tomatoes can still give us one glorious final taste of summer Theres no fruit I associate more with summertime vacations than tomatoes: cherry tomatoes chopped and piled high on rusk biscuits in Crete; tomato and pomegranate salads in a kebab eatery outside Istanbuls spice bazaar;... more

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Carob Is The Chocolate Alternative That Literally Makes You Look Younger

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I basically live on two foods: sweet potatoes and trail mix. But I refuse to eat trail mix without something sweet , commonly M& Ms. My co-worker, Brittany, who is way cooler than anyone I know, chooses to put carob chips in her trail mix. She’s next level like that.... more

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