Honey Is Fall’s Sweetest Ingredient

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Not just for Pooh Bear anymore.

Honey is the hottest flavor on everybody’s lips.

From Kourtney Kardashian’s “love potion”( 32 fells of honey in water) to the rooftop hives on seven San Francisco hotels that both provide eateries with fresh honey and bees with homes, the sweet stuff is all the rage with food lovers.

On Instagram, honey is tagged over five million times( not all relating to the food) in everything from luscious cakes celebrating Rosh Hashanah to raw garlic soaked in honey.

It’s even a flavor of The Dessert Kitchen’ssocial media dessert darling, “ice cream ramen, ” made from Kanten( Japanese algae jelly ).

Chef Jeff Mc Innis, of Top Chef and Root& Bone in NYC, tells Mashable, ” Pure honey is real and natural […] I guess at first, all honeys were treated as equal, but now the trend has evolved and weve learned that isnt true. Blooms from different terrains and cultures produce honeys with different flavors.”

For years, people have praised single origin chocolate and high end coffee, and though it’s still acceptable to buy the squeezy honey bear at your local drugstore, gourmet honey is having its day.

McInnis created recipes for honey purveyor and curator Buzz+ Bloom.

The brand’s manager, John Rzeszut, says, “Its possible to savor the natural floral essence of any part of the country or the world simply by sampling the honey thats collected from the region […] I actually encourage people to branch out beyond whats on sale and experience the amazing diversity of colourings, flavors and odors that abound in 100 percent pure honey.”

Just don’t think you can have a secret midnight honey snack and get away with it. Those sticky trails give away all your sweet indulgences.

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